Product Name
Stackable (30L) Cooler Box (Mini) B-Squared Ice Box Bottle Display
Ice Box
Cooler Box Stackable (70L) High-Cube
Cooler Box
Product Code
ADA001 ADA002 ADA065 ADA003 ADA004 ADA005 ADA080
Feet for Stacking
Tamper-proof Stainless Steel Lock
Galvanised Lockable Latches
  2 x Rubber Tie Downs  
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dual-use Handles
Recessed Graphics (UHI / ABS Printed)
Mould-in Graphics (optional)
Rubber Gasket for Optimum Insulation
Insulation: Polyurethane Foamed
Drainage Plug
Single Lid
Single Compartment
Size (External)
470mm L x 345mm W
x 356mm H
620mm L x 367mm W
x 375mm H
668mm L x 395mm W
x 476mm H
630mm L x 465mm W
x 453mm H
680mm L x 440mm W
x 440mm H
630mm L x 465mm W
x 453mm H
680mm L x 490mm W x 620mm H
30 Litre 44 Litre 50 Litre 60 Litre 65 Litre 70 Litre 85 Litre
24 x 330ml Cans + Ice
24 x 500ml PET + Ice
67 x 330ml Cans + Ice
36 x 500ml PET + Ice
48 x 300ml Glass Bottle + Ice
84 x 330ml Cans + Ice
48 x 500ml PET + Ice
105 x 330ml Cans + Ice
48 x 500ml PET + Ice
100 x 330ml Cans + Ice
60 x 500ml PET + Ice
72 x 330ml Cans + Ice
55 x 500ml PET + Ice
72 x 500ml PET + Ice
Informal Vending Applications, Consumer or Trade Incentives and Prizes
Unique Selling Proposition
One case unit fits into a 70L Stackable, for reduced shipping costs.
Budget, high-performance unit for incentives.
Most cost-effective informal vending solution with bottle display.
Two case unit with bottle display.
High-perfomance, multi-purpose cooler box for multiple outdoor uses.
Two case unit that can hold a 30L box for reduced shipping costs.
Three case unit with bottle display.